How to Create a Solo Ads Email That Converts

So you’ve done your research and found out all about solo ads. You know what solo ads are
and how to find vendors that deliver quality traffic. You’ve purchased your first batch of clicks,
and you’ve seen the traffic come flooding in.

But there’s a problem: that traffic isn’t converting.

It’s all well and good getting eyeballs on your promotion, but what do you do if your not seeing
any sales because of it?

The ultimate goal of any solo ad campaign is to achieve a good return on your investment, and
if you’re not seeing a return on your investment, you need to take steps to change it.

That’s what this article is all about – we’re going to be showing you how to create a solo ads
email that converts. Before we get into that though, let’s make sure we’re clear on exactly what
this means.

What is a Solo Ad Email That Converts?

In marketing, conversion usually refers to encouraging your customers to take a specific action.
This action will be different depending on the content.

For example, if the solo ads campaign your running doesn’t offer guaranteed clicks, conversion
might simply mean encouraging your customers to actually click the link in the email.

You might have sent out solo ads to thousands of recipients, but only a handful might be
opening your email or clicking the link within. If this is the case, the problem is with the solo ads
email itself. You need to do something to convert the customers seeing your email hit their inbox
to clicks, which probably means rethinking your email copy.

If you’re getting clicks already, conversion might mean something else. You might be struggling
to convert those clicks to email opt-ins. In this case, you probably need to work on your capture

Or perhaps your customers are clicking and opting in to your own email list, but never making
any purchases. If this is the case, there’s an issue with your sales funnel.

For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to assume that all businesses a different, and talk
about how to run solo ads campaigns and write solo ads emails that convert in a general sense.

This means we’ll cover the whole process from selecting a vendor and sending an email that
gets clicks, to following up on those clicks and converting them into profit for your business.

To make things easier, we’re going to split this guide up into 10 tips for running a solo ad
campaign that converts. Follow all 10, and you should start seeing results.

Let’s get started with tip number 1:

Tip #1: Research your competition

All great campaigns begin with thorough research and planning. Therefore, before you even
begin to write up your solo ad, you need to figure out what your competition is doing and
whether or not it’s working.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to spy on your competitions solo ads. All you have to do is
sign up to as many email lists as you can on a new gmail account and watch the swipes come

Then, watch your inbox and see which ones tend to pop out. Which subject lines catch your eye
and make you want to read more? Put yourself in the shoes of your target market and try to
figure out how they would respond. Which email swipes work and which don’t?

Once you’ve done this, you can use what you learn to inform your own solo ads. Try to take
elements from each of the emails that you think work and combine them in your own awesome
solo ads emails.

Tip #2: Talk to Your Seller

We’re not done with our research just yet. The second step in gathering all the research you
need is to talk to your seller.

For the purposes of keeping this article on-topic, I’m going to assume you already know how to
choose a seller that knows their trade (we’ll touch on this more later too) and offers genuinely
high-quality traffic.

Good sellers like these will know what works with their list and what doesn’t. They should also
have a history of using their list for their own affiliate marketing campaigns and will probably
have a detailed understanding of the kind of content that converts for their audience.

Therefore, they’re an invaluable source of information in your planning stage. A good solo ad
seller will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, so ask lots.

In fact, a really good solo ad seller won’t even wait for you to ask questions. They’ll want to
know that the email you plan on sending will be engaging for their readers and won’t be
considered ‘spam’. If it’s too spammy or unattractive to the reader, it can make their list less
responsive and potentially lead their readers to unsubscribe. Because of this, they’ll probably be
forthcoming and want to work with you to make sure your solo ad email is the best it can be.

Tip #3: Perfect Your Solo Ads Email Subject Line

Your solo ads email subject line is probably the single most important piece of writing in the
whole email. If I wasn’t seeing conversions on my solo ads emails, this is the first place I’d look.
Your readers won’t even open that carefully crafted email if the subject line doesn’t grab their
attention. It’s only a few words, so put the time and effort in to making sure it’s absolutely

Here are some tips for doing that:
● Try to avoid using a title that might come across as ‘clickbait’ or spam
● Keep it short and sweet
● Be personable and speak directly to your customer
● Consider offering them an exclusive deal in the subject line. For example, something
along the lines of ‘Exclusive Offer Just For You! Download ____ For Free Today!’ might
● Offer them a solution to a problem, for example ‘Struggling to Lose Weight? Here’s the
Answer You’re Looking For’
● Explain how to achieve something they want without doing something they hate. For
example, ‘How to Earn Money Fast Without Working Hard’.
These are all tried-and-tested tactics for creating great subject lines that have proven results.
Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, stick to these principles and you should start seeing more solo
ads emails get opened.

Tip #4: Write Engaging Copy

The email subject line is there to get them to open your email. The copy inside is to get them to
click your link. There is no template I can give you here on how to layout your solo ads email –
it’s all on you.

Writing engaging email copy is an art – it takes time and effort to learn. You need to do your own
research here and find out how to craft the perfect email, but here are some tips:
● Always include a call-to-action
● Stick to the tone your seller’s list are used to (ask your seller about this)
● Be personable and relatable
● Don’t try too hard to make a sale – leave that to your sales funnel. Your goal here is to
get them to click a link
● Don’t come across as pushy
● Don’t BS – your customers can probably see right through it.
● Make sure your link is clearly visible.
● Always include a powerful call-to-action
Do this well, and those email opens should convert to clicks more often.

Tip #5: Make Sure You’re Shortening Your Links

This tip is short and sweet: use or another URL shortening tool to make your links more
attractive and allow them to be tracked. This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how
many marketers forget to do so.

Tip #6: Make Sure You’re Tracking Clicks and Open Rates

Speaking of tracking, you need to make sure you’re alway tracking both clicks and open rates to
see how well your email is converting.

You can track clicks using lots of different tools; and tinyurl are just two of the many
options out there. If your seller includes click tracking in their solo ads package, you still need to
do it yourself to make sure they’re being honest.

Not only can this help you identify if the problem is with the seller as opposed to you, it can also
help you see which emails are performing better than others, and you can use this to inform
your future decisions. Learn from your tracking results and try sending a solo ad again, this time
using what you’ve learnt.

If a swipe has a high open rate but isn’t getting many click-throughs, you know you need to work
on the content of the swipe. If it’s the reverse (a low open rate but a lot of click-throughs), you
need to work on the subject line.

Tip #7 Have an Amazing Capture Page

If you’ve followed all the advice above, you’ve probably done all you can to get your emails to
convert to clicks. Now we need to talk about converting those clicks to sales – and that starts
with an amazing capture page.

Your capture page is the first thing your customer should see when they click your link. The
entire goal of this page is to get them to give you their email address. Once they do, they’re in
your sales funnel. You can reach out to them again and again by emails to try and make a sale.
The capture page shouldn’t try to do anything else. Don’t bombard them with information about
your product and scare them off – just get their email.

There’s a lot of advice out there about devising a perfect capture page. Read all of it and learn
all you can to make sure your capture page is perfect. One way to help encourage your clicks to
put their email in is to offer them something in return. For example, it might be a free resource
that you can send to them by email. This will incentivize them to join your mailing list at no cost
to youl

Tip #8: Create the Perfect Funnel

Once you’ve got your traffic to opt-in to your email list, you need to move them down your sales
funnel. The ultimate goal is probably to sell a product, so the next thing they should see after
opting-in should be your POP (post opt-in page)

The POP will appear after they’ve joined your mailing list. A good POP will usually include some
kind of giveaway or promotional offer. Alternatively, signing up to your mailing list might simply
redirect them to your product page. Consider the different options and devise the perfect funnel
that works for your target market.

The better your sales funnel is, the more chance you have of converting those clicks to sales
further down the line.

Tip #9: Choose your seller wisely

If you’ve done everything else on this guide correctly, and you’re still not seeing conversions, it
might be a red flag that you’ve chosen the wrong seller.

It’s possible their list is simply a dead list. The customers on it might not be as targeted as
they’re making out (they could have just gathered email addresses online with scraping tools) or
– even worse – they could simply be fake email bot accounts and not real customers
Make sure you choose a seller that:
– Offers tier-1 traffic
– Has lots of positive reviews
– Is open about how they’ve built their list
– Has a track-record of providing traffic that converts

Tip #10: Don’t Give Up!

Our final tip for you is to not give up. Just because your first solo ad campaign didn’t
convert very well, that doesn’t mean you won’t see results further down the line. It’s all
about trial and error and making progress.

We hope this guide helps you to create a solo ads email that converts.

Thanks for reading and good luck!