How To Create High Quality Solo Ads

As internet marketing is becoming more developed, and more businesses are competing for
digital traffic, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out and drive traffic to your website. One
avenue you can explore to do this, and one of the most effective ways to proactively market
your business or product, is through the use of solo ads.

By using solo ads effectively, businesses can access a wealth of targeted traffic which can help
them to achieve their goals, whether that’s to grow their own internal email list or boosts sales.
However, as the use of solo ads has become more popular and demand has increased, it’s
become much more difficult to source high-quality solo ads services and high-quality solo ad
copy that will actually convert.

Solo ads have created a market that is a hotbed of scams and poor quality service. These low-
quality solo ad sellers deliver low-quality results, and this has given solo ads a bad name. This
makes it absolutely crucial to find a high-quality solo ads seller if you want to see returns on
your investment.

Even when you do find a solo ad provider that you can trust, it can be hard to cultivate good
quality leads if your email swipe isn’t up to scratch.

In spite of all the challenges, when done right, solo ads are one of the best, targeted marketing
techniques available and they can be an invaluable addition to your marketing strat. That’s why
we’e created this guide to sourcing HQ solo ads from sellers and writing HQ solo ad swipes
that convert.

Find a High Quality Seller

One of the best ways to ensure that your solo ads will be worth your investment is to find a high-
quality solo ad seller. Although this should be simple, it’s becoming much harder to find
reputable sellers that can actually produce the results that they’re advertising.

Despite this, it’s definitely possible to find companies that offer a great service for an affordable
price. Below are some things that you can think about that will help you to find a solo ad seller
and sort the good from the bad.

Where to Look

Solo ad sellers operate on a range of different platforms across the internet, from Facebook
groups to dedicated forums. However, some places are better than others to target your search
for a high-quality solo ad provider.

The best piece of advice you should follow is to stay clear of sellers that are advertising on
Facebook groups. While there may be some good sellers doing this, there are also a lot of bad
providers and scammers operating on here. so, if you search on Facebook, you may be more
likely to fall victim to a scam.

Dedicated forums and directories are a good place to start your search. For sourcing solo ads
some of the most popular forums to use are WarriorForum and Arcamax. If you want to find out
more about using these tools check out our ‘complete guide to finding and using a solo ads
directory; blog post.

Research Your Seller

Ok, so you’ve used a directory or found a seller that seems to be offering you everything you
need… then what? We’ll now it’s time to find out more about the company and try to determine
how legitimate they are. To do this, you need to make sure you ask the right questions and are
aware of what the right answer should be. Some questions that can help you to determine a HQ
solo ad seller from a bad one include:

1. What kind of offers convert with your list?
This is a great question for two reasons. It will help you to find out more about the knowledge of
the seller and it will also help you to find out how well previous offers have converted from this
seller. If the seller is vague or avoids answering the question, it could be an indication that they
aren’t offering legitimate clicks and don’t track the results from their previous customers

2. How successful were your recent affiliate promotions?
This question will help you to determine the quality of the seller’s list. High quality solo ads
results come from high quality lists that have been built organically. If the seller has run affiliate
promotions in the last 30 days and can give you information about it, that’s a good sign but, if
they haven’t run any, you may want to look for a different seller as the list may be unreliable and
built for the sole purpose of selling traffic.

3. Do you write the email swipe?
This isn’t necessarily an indicator of a bad or good service, but it’s something you will want to
find out. If they don’t create them as part of the service, it will be your responsibility to create a
high quality solo ads email swipe that’s likely to convert well using the seller’s list.

When you’re interacting with a solo ads provider, it’s always a good idea to be polite and friendly
in your approach. Most sellers will return this favor but when you begin to ask questions, cracks
may begin to show if the seller is less than reputable.

However, high-quality sellers with confidence in their own services will be more than happy to
answer any questions you have as it’s beneficial for them to ensure that you have a good
experience with them.

Solo ad sellers that are scamming are looking to make a quick buck will soon tire of friendliness
if they think you are asking too many questions that make the interaction not worth their time.

Test the service

If you’ve asked all the questions and everything seems to look legitimate, then you may well
have found yourself the right solo ads provider, but there is one more check you may want to
carry out.

Unfortunately for us, no matter how reputable a seller looks, they could just be extremely skilled
scammers, and you don’t want to fall into their trap with all your money in hand. It’s a good
technique to run a small test with the seller before going the whole hog and spending your
whole budget.

When you have run your first ad, there are a number of ways in which you can track the results
to see if there are any red flags with the service, such as:

● Email Bounce Rate
When you run a solo ad, there is a strong chance that some of the emails you sent will be
bounced back. There are many different reasons for this and it is part and parcel of solo ads.
When running a solo ad with a legitimate seller, a normal bounce rate is around 3%. A HQ solo
ad bounce rate would ideally be less than 2%.

If the bounce rate is much higher than this – i.e. 8% or above – there is a strong chance that the
provider you’ve chosen isn’t as legitimate as they seemed at first glance, and it might not be a
good idea to spend any more money on them.

● Opt-in rate
You should also track your ad and monitor your opt-in rate. This will help you to see how many
of the clicks you are getting are converting to opt-ins and how much interest your ad receives.
Unfortunately though, opt-in rates are easy to fake for skilled scammers, so you should also be

looking to see if any of your opt-ins are converting to sales. You shouldn’t expect to see
hundreds of sales, but even one or two can be an indicator that the opt in rate isn’t being faked.

Write a HQ Solo Ad Email Swipe

Your email swipe is what really ultimately decides how well your solo ad performs in terms of
open rates and clicks. Assuming you’ve chosen the right seller and have an awesome capture
page, your solo ads should be bringing you lots of conversions and a good ROI if you get the
email swipe right.

A high quality solo ad email swipe will have:
● A relevant subject line that grabs the customer’s attention.
Your subject line is what makes your customer decide whether or not to open the email in the
first place. It needs to pique their interest and makes them want to open it to find out more.
It should be straight to the point, offer them something that they want, and speak to them
directly. An example of a high quality solo ad email subject line would be something like ‘Here’s
the Secret You’ve Been Looking For on How to Lose Weight Fast!’
Great copy
Writing strong email copy is a skill that takes time to hone. You need to make sure that you’ve
mastered this skill, or can pay someone who has, to perfect the text in the body of your email.
The copy is there to make your customer click the link once they’ve opened the email. To do
that, it needs to hold their attention long enough for them to read it and learn why they should
open the link. This means it needs to be interesting, engaging, and persuasive.
● An attractive, visible link
The link itself should also be visible to the reader to make it easier for them to click it and,
therefore, more likely that you’ll get customers clicking through to your capture page. Shorten
the link with a link-shortening tool and place it right there at the top of the email for visibility.
● A strong call-to-action
If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It’s not good enough to just explain your promotion to your
customers, you also need to actually ask them to do something. Do so within your email swipe
by telling them to click the link in a strong, powerful, and persuasive call-to-action.

Track Results and Adapt

Once you’ve sent out your high quality solo ads, you need to track the results to see how well
they perform. Make yourself a spreadsheet and input figures like how many clicks, opens, and
conversions different sellers and email swipes get.

Review these each time you make a solo ads purchase and compare your results over time.
You should be able to learn which lists perform well, and which email swipes generate better
results. You can even use this method to compare how well different capture pages convert
those clicks to actions.

Once you’ve tracked your results, you can use them to adapt your strategy. The next solo ad
you send should be higher quality, as you’ll know which lists to target and how to more
effectively convert those on the list.