The Complete Guide to Finding and Using a Solo Ads Directory

If you’re an internet marketer and you don’t already know what solo ads are, you should. We’ve
already covered this exclusively in our beginner’s guide to solo ads, so if you’re totally new to
this, check that out first.

We’re not going to be talking about what solo ads are today though. Today, we’re going to be
talking about solo ads directories.

Solo ads directories can be an invaluable resource for internet marketers trying to find solo ad
sellers. However, finding a solo ads directory worth browsing isn’t all that straightforward, and
successfully navigating it to find the seller that you’re looking for is even harder.

That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide to finding and using a solo ads directory. In
this guide, we’ll cover:

● What a solo ads directory is
● Why you might want to use a solo ads directory
● Where you can find the best solo ads directories
● Using a solo ads directory to find a good solo ads seller
● Alternatives to directories that you might want to consider
To start with, let’s make sure that we’re clear on exactly what a solo ads directory is.

What is a Solo Ads Directory?

You probably already know what a directory is, right? A list of people or organizations indexed in
one place.

Well, a solo ads directory is the exact same thing – for solo ads.

It’s a website which contains a list of hundreds – sometimes thousands – of solo ad sellers, along
with their prices, niche, and ways to contact them.

Solo ad vendors usually specialise in one specific niche, and a solo ads directory will typically
list sellers specializing in all sorts of niches. They’ll usually categorize these sellers into the
different niches to make it easier to find them using their website.

The term ‘solo ads directory’ is also often used interchangeably with the term ‘solo ads forum’,
both of which are largely similar. The main difference between the two is that forums are more
like marketplaces where people can list their own services, and buyers can leave comments.
For the purposes of this article, we’ll class both as directories.

Advantages of Using a Directory

There are both pros and cons to using a solo ads directory, and they’re not necessarily the best
way to find a seller out there, but there do have certain advantages. Here are three:

Advantage #1: Lots of Sellers to Choose From

The main advantage of using a directory is that you have access to a huge pool of sellers to
choose from, which isn’t the case when you find a solo ad seller directly through their website.
This is advantageous for marketers that want to shop around or contact multiple vendors.

Indeed, contacting multiple vendors is usually a good idea in the beginning, as you’ll want to
compare results to see which solo ad vendor’s email list converts the best. Directories can be
an invaluable tool here as they put multiple vendors right at your fingertips.

Advantage #2: Easier to Find Smaller Sellers

The other advantage to using a directory is that you can find smaller vendors that might have
been invisible to you otherwise. A search for ‘solo ads seller’ will likely bring up lots of different
results, but the first page will be dominated by a few big-players that have the marketing budget
needed to rank in the SERPs.

Just because they rank highly, it doesn’t mean they offer the best value for money. Their might
be sellers out there that have amazing lists that convert really well, but as they don’t rank on the
SERPs, they don’t get a lot of sales. Therefore, their prices are likely to be lower to attract more
custom, and they may offer better returns on investment.

Fortunately, you can use a solo ads directory to find these smaller sellers and take advantage of
the better value for money that they offer.

Advantage #3: Sellers May be Pre-vetted

The solo ads market is full of scammers and sellers that take your money and deliver poor-
quality traffic that you don’t want or need. If you rely on Google alone, it’s easy to fall victim to
these scammers if you don’t know what to look out for.

However, some – but not all – solo ad directory owners will pre-vet all sellers listed on their
database. This means that, if they’re listed on there, their is a better chance that they’re
legitimate sellers that offer good traffic.

Where Can I Find a Solo Ads Directory?

There are lots of solo ad directories out there, and a quick Google search should bring up
multiple options. However, some directories out there are better than others, so it’s worth doing
your research and checking out reviews online to see which ones have the best listings.

The best directories come with reviews. They should also have stringent requirements for
vendors to be listed, which should include, at a minimum:

● Human-only traffic (no bots allowed)
● Top-tier traffic
● A history of providing traffic which leads to conversions
Three popular solo ads directories are:
● Arcamax
Arcamax is a huge content directory with a huge audience. It offers solo ads in lots of different
niche markets.
● WarriorForum
WarriorForum is – yep, you guessed it – a forum for solo ads. WarriorForum isn’t associated with
any of the sellers listed on there so they’ve not been pre-vetted. Any seller can list their solo ad
services on there, which means it’s up to you to sort the bad from the goodl
● SoloAdsX
SoloAdsX claims to be the ‘#1 directory since 2012’. They pick out their idea of the top solo ads
sellers every Monday and list them on the website. They also give them a kind of rating called a
‘magic score’ and offer a money-back conversion guarantee.

How Do I Find the Right Vendor on a Solo Ads Directory?

Just because a vendor is listed on a directory, it doesn’t mean they’re worth your money. Here
are some tips for finding vendors on solo ads directory

● If your directory is a forum, look for posts that have tons of view and comments and have
been listed for a long time. If they’re still making sales, they must have kept up a good
reputation and had lots of positive comments, which means they’re most likely a good
vendor with high-quality traffic.
● Look at the prices and don’t choose any seller whose prices are suspiciously low.
Generally speaking, anything under $0.20 per click is a red flag.
● Look at their conversion rate if it’s listed. You want to aim for vendors which have a high
average conversion rate (ideally at least over 30%).
● Look at their niche. Ok, this one goes without saying, but it’s still important. Don’t waste
your time with vendors that don’t have a list suitable to your niche, or the traffic you get
won’t be targeted at all.
● Look at their reviews. Again, it might seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Check as many
reviews as you can to see if their positive. The more you check, the better overall picture
you’ll get of the seller, and the less likely you are to be duped by the fake reviews.

Alternatives to Solo Ads Directories

If you don’t feel like using a directory, there are plenty of other ways to find solo ads sellers in
your niche. Here are a few of your options:

Option #1: Results Inspired

Okay, full disclosure – yes, this is our own solo ad business. Nonetheless, we feel we’re one of
the best sources for solo ads out there, and we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention
ourselves as an alternative.

Forums and directories have their uses, but with so many different sellers to choose from, you
really have no guarantee that the seller you end up will offer valuable traffic. With us, on the
other hand, you can be sure that you’ll get what you pay for.

We guarantee that our lists produce at least 80% tier 1 traffic and offer excellent value for
money at just $0.35 per click.

Having been in the business for a while, we’ve also already established ourselves as a
reputable seller. You can find all the information you need to know up front – we’re not keeping any secrets. Just check out our testimonials page, or read through our FAQ to find out more
about what we’re all about.

Option #2: Search for Keywords in Your Niche

Another option to find solo ad sellers is to use Google to search for keywords relevant to your
niche. When you do, you’ll undoubtedly find lots of websites and blogs that – if they’ve managed
to rank in the SERPs – probably generate lots of traffic from your target market.

You can reach out to these bloggers and website owners to see if they’d be willing to let you pay
to use their email list for your solo ads.

The great thing about this is that you can be sure that the list will have been built organically and
that those on it probably already have a strong relationship with the blog owner, having willingly
signed up to receive email communications. This means the traffic generated will probably
convert better.

Option #3: Facebook Groups

A lot of solo ads sellers prefer to do business over Facebook. You can find them in Facebook
marketplaces and solo ad groups.

A word of caution here though: Facebook vendors are notorious for being scammers. There’s a
lot of illegitimate sellers listed on Facebook so, if you choose to source your solo ads on there,
you need to exercise caution and be extra careful when selecting a seller.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Solo Ads?

Aside from understanding how to use directories and alternative ways to find sellers, there’s a
lot you need to know before you start sending solo ads out – at least if you want to see a good
return on your investment.

For example, you might also want to learn:
– How to write a solo ad email that gets clicks
– How to convert your clicks into actions
– How to track your results

We’ve not got time to cover all of that in this article alone, but we have written in detail about
most of these things in some of our other blogs. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more,
head on over to our blog page to continue your research.

Good luck!