Which Is the Best Solo Ads Service? (Marketplaces + Vendors Compared)

Are you looking for the right Solo Ads provider or the Best Solo Ads Service for email marketing campaigns? Tired of visiting tons of solo ad provider’s websites to see which one is the best for your campaign? To help with this, we did the research for you.

In this post, we will compare six of the most commonly searched for Solo Ads Providers on the web. We will compare types of services offered, features, and costs. The goal of this post is to help you find the right Solo Ads Provider or vendor for your email marketing campaign.

Many digital marketers use Solo Ads services for their email marketing campaigns. There are a few ways to provide this service and not every method is effective for every type of campaign, which is why many people wonder which provider is best. Unfortunately, it is not until we spend time and money with a provider that we find out whether their marketing strategy is effective or not. We’re often asked which provider is best or how to know whether or not a certain provider is legitimate.

We will answer these questions and more about 6 of the most commonly searched for providers so you can decide whether or not their services are the right fit for you and your email marketing campaign.

What is Wrong with Most Solo Ads Providers?

The biggest issue with many solo ads service providers is the quality of their email lists. If the list is not well-suited for a particular niche, then you could lose all of your money with little or no ROI, even if the provider “promises” results and a perfect match for your target market.

Another problem with a lot of providers is that they tend to oversell and under deliver. Many of them promise the world, which sounds and looks convincing, but few share their actual strategy for getting you those results. Too much hype, often leaves much to be desired when push comes to shove.

Finally, you want to make sure that you can trust that the provider of your choice is trustworthy and not selling you some random list. Sadly, this is all too common.

The right Solo Ads company should be transparent about the quality of their lists as well as their strategy and why they can guarantee results. They should also provide additional resources to help you improve your campaigns should have some clear pricing available to you. This will help make your experience much more enjoyable because everything will be clear right from the moment you decide to take them on as your provider.

So how do you decipher the difference between all of the providers, vendors, and marketplaces out there boasting results and a legitimate ads service? Well, you won’t have to do as much of the work because we’ve done a lot of the research for you. Below, we’ve provided our results for the some of the top most searched for and used Solo Ads providers on the web and see how they compare to Resultsinspired.com.

Our Top Contenders for Popular Solo Ads Providers

With so many service providers out there, it was really difficult to narrow it down to just one or two so we settled on six commonly used services. We will compare the types of services they provide, any unique features and benefits, pricing (if available and how it works), strategies used, whether they offer split testing, and their effectiveness.

Here the most commonly searched for providers on the web today:

  • Clickonomy
  • Solo Ads by Igor
  • Traffic for Me
  • Clixli
  • Udimi
  • Solo Ads X

Now, let’s get going with our comparison with the first category being price.


The cost of your campaigns is essential when choosing a provider or indidual vendor because it determines how much you could potentially make after ad spend. In short, as with all advertising, it all comes down to ROI. Also important to know is what is included in that price and whether or not a provider’s lists or services are worth it.

Spending money on ads is one thing, but spending money on ads that don’t convert is almost the same as tossing your money into the rubbish bin, never to be seen again. We all want results, so how do we know we are getting lists that are hot and ready for our niche?

If you are shopping around between any of these providers, here is what we found out about pricing vs. what their services include:

Provider/Vendor Cost Services Provided Guarantee

Provider/Vendor Cost Services Provided Guarantee




Free to Start/Contact


Reseller – Buys & Sells Clicks


Smooth and Simple Process


Igor Kheifets (Vendor)




Sells Clicks


Top-Tier Traffic


Traffic For Me



Starts at .55 Cents/click


Sells Traffic

Guarantees to Match Competitors Guarantee






Buys & Sells Traffic


Direct Traffic & Testing







Sells Clicks – Fraud Blocking Software


High-quality clicks, tracking & “weeds out” fraudulent clicks



Solo Ads X



Depends on Provider – Average .35 Cents/visit


Shortlist of Top Solo Ads Vendors with details and stats

100% Human Traffic + Conversion Guarantee or Receive Full Refund

Solo Ads X
Depends on Provider – Average .35 Cents/visit
Shortlist of Top Solo Ads Vendors with details and stats 100% Human Traffic + Conversion Guarantee or Receive Full Refund

As you can see from the above table, Traffic for Me and Solo Ads X are the only services that clearly posts their rates. Posting rates is not necessarily better or worse, it is just their sales strategy. They want you, the advertiser, to know that if you buy their traffic you could possibly expect to pay at least a certain amount per click.

The upside to this is that you can in some way gauge what to expect to pay for a click and for conversions. However, they most likely have other offers since they state that they start at a certain amount per click. The other providers offer custom pricing and offer unique guarantees to help set themselves apart from other providers.

Forcing the customer to customer to contact them for pricing is a good sales tactic, but they most likely take the time to get to know your business a little more and see what may work best for you. Clickonomy, Clixli, Udimi, Igor do not post what you’ll end up paying, however, with Resultsinspired you’ll always have a general idea of what you can expect your ad spend to be, which is great if this ultimately matters to you—and it should.

Services Offered

From the chart above, it is clear to see that each provider offers different services compared to their competitors. It is safe to assume that all Solo Ads services should be the same, but this is just not the case as illustrated. This is often what confuses most beginner digital marketers because they generally do not have the necessary experience and understanding of how good solo ads should actually work. The process of finding the right provider can be a little overwhelming for new marketers.

Our goal here is to help simplify the process and to help marketers know the difference between different providers and how they work.


Clickonomy is much like many other providers as they are basically a marketplace for buyers and vendors.

If you’re a beginner, this may not be the best place for you to start because the support will be a little different compared to the other providers on our list. Their main goal is not to sell and provide a complete ads service; their goal is to facilitate in the buying and selling of lists through different vendors.

As mentioned in the chart above, Clickonomys’ services are free to start using but obviously the lists are not free which means you will have to be a member with the option to choose from different plans. Their new site is still not completely built so it was a little difficult for us to get much more information on their strategy and services at the moment, but it is clear what the main focus of their services is.

If you’re a beginner and need someone to take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way, Resultsinspired can do that for you. And, you’ll never be in the dark about our strategies since we are a vendor.

Solo Ads by Igor

As a vendor, Igor’s service is probably most “niche” in comparison to many other vendors on the web. Firstly, his service is mainly geared towards selling traffic to MLM marketers at the moment and is slowly opening up to other markets, however, his main focus is on MLM marketers.

His service also claims that the traffic his agency provides is 100% top-tier with customers that are already at the end of the buying funnel. This will most likely work nest for MLMs and isn’t a service for everyone. The site invites you to sign up for a free consult where they take the time to determine whether or not your site is suited to their services.

Igor’s service also offers testing and formulas for scaling, which are both useful tools for any marketer.

Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me provides a buy and sell service. Essentially, they are an agency but they provide a few other resources to help marketers understand more about what they are getting and how solo ads work. Their service claims that you will get high quality traffic and that they are “scam-free”.

We find their site to be very eye-catching and easy to follow with very clear messages about what they offer and what their guarantee is. At Resultsinspired, we believe that trust and authority should be easily seen and felt and this is precisely the kind of online Solo Ads experience we provide to our site visitors.


Clixli is more of an “all-in-one” solo ads marketplace. They facilitate in both the buying and the selling of traffic, but they also offer built-in split testing and tracking, which is a solo ads campaign essential.

They also provide 24/7 support, which is rare to find. This is a benefit for those living in different time zones and trying to launch their campaigns.

We like the built-in split testing feature, the support offered, and the fact that they offer direct traffic. The services offered by Clixli are a cross between Traffic For Me and Solo Ads by Igor, but instead, they are more of an all-in-one Solo Ads provider and appear to work well for most niches.

An all-in-one model is great for experienced advertisers but may not be so the best for those just getting started. If you’re new to Solo Ads, you probably need a little more support and guidance and Resultsinspired can provide that to you since we are an actual vendor and not marketplace for buying traffic.


Udimi is another marketplace that connects buyers with vendors. They are also a provider of “safe” advertising which is great because let’s face it, it is not easy to know what kind of traffic you are getting once you buy your clicks. The last thing any of us want to do is waste our time and money on “bogus” traffic and clicks. Udimi is a reseller of high-quality clicks and has created an amazing automatic tracking software complete with a fraud filter to reduce the rate of low-quality clicks.

Buying traffic is fast, safe, and convenient, plus you can instantly chat with their network of vendors and providers to get and support or advice before choosing to work with them. Buyers will also receive detailed reporting about every single site visitor, such as geological location and so much more so you can improve your own geo targeting and conversions over time.

Solo Ads X

Finally, a marketplace that narrows down the best providers (with visible details)! What makes Solo Ads X unique is the fact that they take the time to test out top providers and narrow down the best vendors on the web each and every week. Their vendor’s ratings are based on cost, conversion rate, and overall buyer satisfaction.

As a buyer yourself, you get to see who is the best, why they are the best, and how much you will be paying (on average) per click. Each provider specializes in a different niche or arena but many of the vendors listed on Solo Ads X’s list specialize in home-based business opportunities and in the “how to make money online” niche.


When looking at the different providers, it is important to know what they guarantee. Some guarantee quality traffic and others guarantee results, whatever it is they guarantee, let’s take a look at what each of our provider promises to their clients.


Since their website is not complete, it was a little difficult for us to get a clear sense of what their service guarantee is. However, they do guarantee a fast and simple process of buying and selling traffic through their platform which could work great for the more experienced marketer looking for fresh new traffic lists.

Solo Ads by Igor Kheifets

Sola Ads that convert guarantees 100% tier one traffic, which means they provide traffic that is basically at the end of the buying funnel and practically has their credit card out to make a purchase. This is great news for any marketer because you will probably have a decent ROI—as long as you have a quality funnel.

Igor also states that they “handpick” their leads and they also have a unique way of scaling to help you narrow down what works and what doesn’t, ultimately helping you to get more sales further down the line.

Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me guarantees that they will match a top-level competitor’s guarantee and they their traffic is top notch. Firstly, they have obviously done the research on their top-level competitors and are most likely prepared to beat them. This is a good thing if you buy traffic from them because they’ve set the bar and are prepared to match or exceed it. This is probably the strongest and most unique guarantee we’ve seen in the business.


Clixli guarantees a few key things:

  • Manual traffic verification
  • Provides the best traffic sources in the industry
  • Users receive direct traffic
  • Traffic is guaranteed
  • Split testing and tracking

Their service is probably the most comprehensive on the list and has a good amount of guarantees for any marketer. While this is great, it can be overwhelming for some and their may be a slight learning curve.


Udimi is probably one of our favorite Solo Ads providers because of their protection against fake traffic, duplicate traffic and bots. This is great news for you because they have a filter in place to ensure they can offer high quality traffic, which means the likelihood of your wasting or losing money will be quite slim.

In short, UDIMI guarantees to offer the best protection and the best traffic with an average conversion rate of 35-50%. They also guarantee direct contact with your provider, which means you will always have the support you need directly at your fingertips.

Solo Ads X

What Solo Ads X does is they handpick the top solo ads sellers of week and list them on their site. They include every single detail they can about each seller and give them each an overall rating.

With this, they are able to guarantee 100% human traffic (no bots and garbage traffic) and they also guarantee that you will make a sale or your money back! This is probably the best guarantee/return policy we’ve ever seen from a provider, which means your risk factor is quite low when you go with this service.

The winner between all four services is Solo Ads X. Mainly because of the fact that the site has a unique way of narrowing down the best vendors, which means they can guarantee high quality, converting traffic or your money back. We also love Udimi because they filter out traffic and vendors that do not offer “real” traffic, which is essentially what we all want.


At Resultsinspired, we aim is to help you make more informed decisions about what to look for in a Solo Ads provider. Our goal is not to persuade you in any specific direction, rather, we want you to make the best decision possible for your advertising business.

Our experience and the strategies we use are unique from the providers we’ve compared in today’s post and we invite you to reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you and your digital marketing efforts.