Solo Ads Work

Solo Ads are a form of email advertising. It consists of a link you would like traffic to be sent to. This can be an affiliate link, a link to a blog post, a membership site or your own product. It involves us emailing our subscriber base in the form of a Solo Ad to make them aware of your promotion with an email crafted by us, or even by yourself.
We keep emailing our subscribers until your order is complete and all clicks have been sent.

Note: You will only receive unique clicks, i.e. unique subscribers reading your email.

Starting your Solo Ad campaign with Results Inspired could not be any easier. Once you know how much solo ad traffic you would like, open communication with us, let us know how many clicks you would like and what method of payment you prefer. Currently we offer PayPal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer and most Credit Cards.

Once payment is confirmed, all we need is your tracking link. Within 24 hours, your order will be started and traffic will be flowing. You will be provided with a statistics live link which you can follow and see the details of your clicks such as geographic location, I.P. address, device, browser etc.