​Solo Ad Quality

IM/MMO Solo Ads

Responsive traffic geared towards the IM/MMO niche. These subscribers have already been warmed up for Making Money and willing to spend their money.

English Speaking Solo Ads

You will get English speaking subscribers, primarily from Top Tier countries. In fact, 80-90% of your order will come from US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Fresh / Replenished Solo Ads

We maintain our lists by cleaning non active subscribers and consistently replenish with fresh subscribers. We are adding 100’s, if not 1000’s of fresh subscribers every day

Free Solo Ads

We guarantee a 10% over delivery as per our statistics URL. This means you will get 10% extra clicks and free subscribers to your list. Think of it as a 10% extra FREE clicks on your order.

Buyers List Solo Ads

Our lists include buyers. We know this because we ourselves promote offers such as CPA, CPL etc and we generate sales all day long. Every Solo Ad Package will contain our buyers.

Real Human Solo Ads

We block any potential bots, abusers, spiders, anon, server clicks. These will never be counted against your final click count. If you buy 100 clicks, you will get 100+++ human clicks.

Step 1

Discuss with us what your requirements, objectives and end goals are. We will not take your money unless we feel you have a plan to utilise Solo Ads effectively so you are happy.

Step 2

Let us know how many clicks you would like for your Solo Ad and we will arrange for payment to be made. Once payment has been completed, we will plan your Solo Ad campaign.

Step 3

​Upon receipt of payment, send us your tracking link, the final link you would like us to send traffic to and we will get the traffic running within 24 hours. We will provide a stats link for you to follow.