Solo Ad Categories Explained

By now, you most likely understand what Solo Ads are and why they are used. With that in mind, it is equally important to understand that while the general concept of what makes a good solo ad is pretty much the same no matter the niche, the audience of each commonly targeted niche has different needs and responds to different solo ad styles compared others.

This post won’t necessarily be comparing the different solo ad types, instead, our goal is show you what makes each Solo Ad category different and what generally converts your targeted audience. Not to worry, we’ve also included some examples of each category we’re looking at today so you can get a more visual idea of what we mean. In fact, some of the examples shared are probably similar to ads you’ve already seen in your own inbox!

Weight Loss Solo Ads

The health and weight loss industry is a billion-dollar industry, and who can deny it? Everywhere we look, there are ads, videos, and commercials showing us the latest weight loss product, a revolutionary health supplement, or a proven diet and exercise plan.

Since we know that this industry has been raking in the dough over the past few years, we also know that there is no shortage of products or plans out there. Health food store shelves are literally lined and stocked with 100s of supplement brands and it seems that everyone and their dog is selling (or they’re an affiliate) for a pro supplement or program that has brought them some results.

With the endless amount of products, eating plans, and exercise videos out there, we know even as consumers ourselves that this can be overwhelming. We just have way too many options and lifestyle choices out there, and many people have tried a few with varying degrees of results.

So what if you’ve got a high quality weight loss product that is proven to work, every company or marketer says the exact same thing about their product. I bring this up because many people think that everyone will want this product so it should be an easy sell. Wrong. Health and weight loss products, eating plans, and exercise regimes need a different approach. To be precise, anything in the weight loss niche needs to use more of a drip feed approach, which means your targeted audience needs value first before they trust you enough to consider buying your product. Rather than just put what you’ve got in front of your audience’s faces and expecting them to buy, you need to give them useful and compelling information first.

A good example of this is an email a friend of mine receives from a Keto lifestyle mailing list she belongs. Interestingly, she has purchased a couple of product through their funnel, but these are the kinds of email she still gets on a daily and weekly basis:

Weight Loss Solo Ads

Sometimes she’ll get emails entitled, “Avocados” or “Strange ‘Soup Detox’ Will Melt 37lbs of Fat by July 20” and the content is generally the same. It provides a quick tidbit of value and guides the reader along to eventually click on the links as quickly as possible. Some of the emails are long, some are short like this one. It depends on where the reader is at in the funnel and let’s face it, we all have short attention spans so overly “wordy” emails will bore the heck out of your audience.

Another thing to note in the above solo ad is the email subject. It gives the reader a clear idea of what to expect in the email so there are no surprises, and what do people looking to lose weight and get healthier want? Results! Subject lines like this one will have a high open rate because people in this targeted market want to know how much weight they will lose, how long it will take, and how to do it.

Every aspect of your solo ad campaign must be well thought out, planned, and tested. Even though the health and weight loss niche is huge, people are very skeptical with new products and diets, and have literally heard it all too many times. Slow and steady wins the race in the weight loss solo ads niche.

Work from Home Solo Ads

Next to weight loss, work at home opportunities are a massive niche and I would be willing to bet that it is probably even larger than the health and weight loss niche. People want to look and feel their best while enjoying some time freedom and large balances in their bank accounts without working a 9-5 job or giving up their job.

Whatever the reason or circumstances, so many people want to know how to earn money from home working for themselves, and there is not shortage of business ideas and opportunities in this arena either. Much like the weight loss niche, people searching for a good work from home opportunity have seen several, and have probably tried a few, work from home opportunities.

The tricky thing about a work from home opportunity is that there is almost always some sort of an upfront cost. Many people in your target audience have more than likely invested money, tried a few opportunities out, and some may still be fighting for their money back to this day. Who knows? All I can say here is that It’s tricky business asking for people to pay money to work, but despite all of that, many of those people are still willing to invest in a new opportunity, and if you have the right funnel and right ads, you’ll quickly cash in on your work from home offer.

What’s different about work from home solo ads? I would say, a lot. You probably have to give something away or invite your target audience to a free webinar or master class first in order to pique their interest. It’s still falls within the same principal of offering value but it’s taking it to an entirely new level.

Since this is about money, you can use different tactics to catch the attention of your reader and probably pique their interest but the freebies to webinars or one-on-one calls is going to put a face or voice to your name, which will instantly build more trust in your company and your offer.

Like anything, there is a right and a wrong way to do this but I like the example below:

Work from Home Solo Ads

The ad has a simple visual to demonstrate what it is like working from home or being location independent. The messaging speaks to your target audience and it tells them the what, the how, and how long will it take you to succeed, questions everyone needs answered up front before trusting you with a dime of their money. Additionally, the ad starts off telling you that the video you are about to gain access to is free and the reader is quickly guided to a strong call-to-action button.

MLM Solo Ads

You’re probably asking yourself, “What are MLM solo ads?” Good question. We all have that one family member or friend we want to run and hide from when we see them because we know our name somehow made it onto a list of prospects for their next new business. On the other side of that scenario, the family member or friend who really believes in their product and business model with a desire to grow their business and network only knows how to tap into the people they know and in many cases is not overly comfortable with approaching them.

How do Solo Ads solve these two common problems? By targeting a list of consumers that are interested in what the the MLM business owner is selling through a solo ads funnel and believe it or not, this is also a very popular solo ad used by MLM business owners today and has helped many take their businesses to an entirely new level without targeting their family members and friends.

So, what makes a good MLM Solo Ad? With MLM, you’ve got to be smart about it and you’ve got to decide whether you’re targeting people looking to join a business like yours or whether you just want people to buy your product. The smartest route is through building your network, not your customers. Your network will buy the products and will bring more people buying the products. In this scenario, a good solo ad will work to help you build this.

Here is an example of a good MLM solo ad:

MLM Solo Ads

What makes this MLM solo ad effective is that it speaks to those who feel “sick and tired” of working 9-5 and just want some time freedom and rather than sell the reader on what they’ve got, they’re packaging this as a mentorship program for those looking to improve their lives over a certain period of time.

The email also leaves the ball in the reader’s court. Rather than “spam” them with links and offers, they are giving the reader the choice and chance to reach out. This helps narrow down the funnel to those who are closer to signing up and separates them from the “naysayers”.

Forex Solo Ads

Those looking to get into Forex trading or those looking to up their forex trading game, could benefit greatly from a well-formulated Forex Solo Ads sales funnel. People are looking to make more money online in one way or another but niching down to forex solo ads is an excellent way to get your forex product out there.

Much like the other niches we’ve covered in this post, there is a great need for a forex solo ads service and there are many of them out there. A more niched down funnel won’t be targeting people looking for a way to make money on the side, rather, this type of solo ad should only target those interested in forex.

Why? Well, forex is kind of foreign to a lot of people and you really want to “speak the language” of your target audience. This is why many services actually have a dedicated list of forex subscribers who are probably interested in taking a look at a worthwhile forex product.

What makes an effective forex solo ad? It comes down to being able to demonstrate how and why your forex strategy works. It should be well packaged with free trials and offers with your service but most importantly, any effective solo ad should be targeting a high quality list using well-designed funnel.

Real Estate Solo Ads

Much like the other niches covered, real estate solo ads are an entirely different beast altogether. Yes, the concepts are still similar but the targeting will be much different and will mainly depend on what you are trying to sell your target audience. Many people are interested in learning how to earn money through investing in real estate whether it is through flip and rent or flip and sell opportunities. This is where an info product would do well and would generally be targeted to a list of people who are interested in real estate investing or possibly those looking for a new way to make money.

Some people are looking to get their real estate license and could use a step by step guide to building a successful career. Whatever the topic, it is important to narrow it down and buy a solo ads list specifically built for offers like yours. Since there are so many different ways you can go with real estate these days, it is essential that that you create the most relevant offer to target relevant audiences.

Many real estate agents are looking for more leads for buying and selling so they will probably send out nice looking real estate ads with free guides and offers to help pique the interest of potential future clients.

No matter the target niche, buying the right Solo Ads for your targeted product or service is essential to your success but also ensuring you pair quality lists with a high-converting funnel could potentially make your business explode. At Resultsinspired, we understand what makes a good quality solo ad, which is why we made it our business to ensure you get the results you need and want.