Solo Ad Testimonials

Ordered: 300 Clicks

Received: 317 Clicks

Opt-in: 42%

Tier 1: 85%

Sales: Yes!! (Last run I had High Ticket Product Sale – $998 commission). Quality traffic and excellent service.

Bar Yariv

$998 Commission High Ticket Sale

Ordered: 500 Clicks

Received: 542 Clicks

Opt-in: 45%

​Sales: Yes!! 5 Sales

Solid Results

Will Buy again.

Purchased many times.

Mike Buontempo

5 Sales from this Order

Ordered: 200 Clicks

Received: 240 Clicks

Opt-in: 44%

Tier 1: 82%

Sales: Yes. I got sales, high optin and amazing T1 traffic. I love his customer service and amazing Over Delivery.

Matija Balantic

I love his customer service

Ordered: 500 Clicks

Received: 581 Clicks

Opt-in: 43%

Tier 1: 91%

Sales: Several sales. Incredible results and I’ll soon order more. Now in my A list of suppliers.

Christian Fioravanti

Several sales and 91% Tier 1

Ordered: 400 Clicks

Received: 440 Clicks

Tier 1: 87%

​Sales: 15 Sales. Woo Hoo. Delivered very well. Have worked with him before and will work with him again. Thank you.

Linda Oshel

15 Sales!!

Ordered: 500 Clicks

Received: 530 Clicks

Opt-in: N/A

Tier 1: 82%

Sales: 3 sales and $191 in revenue. Made a profit with this run.

Simon Stanley

$191 and profit from this run

Ordered: 100 Clicks

Received: 176 Clicks

Opt-in: 42%

Tier 1: 82%

Sales: Yes. 1 trial sale and an over delivery by 76%. Great run and expect more orders.

Roy Tay

76% Over Delivery

Ordered: 100 Clicks

Received: 124 Clicks

Opt-in: 46%

​Sales: Yes

Traffic is extremely responsive and amazing OD. Will be back soon.

Evan Hoeflich

5 Sales from this Order

Ordered: 200 Clicks

Received: 213 Clicks

Opt-in: 40%

Tier 1: 85%

Excellent customer service skill and excellent, high quality traffic. Will be back for more soon.

Jason Regan

Excellent customer service